What is Deadrock Divide?

Deadrock Divide is our upcoming tactical RPG. It combines elements of X-COM, Sid Meier’s Pirates, and FTL. In the game, you are given a ship and a crew, and you find yourself in an asteroid belt embroiled in conflict. Three major factions vie for control of the rare and powerful deadrock found in the asteroids. You can join one of these factions to help them conquer the Divide. Activities include mining rocks, trading goods, boarding ships, and exploring ancient ruins. All battles are conducted in turn-based tactical combat, whether on a ship, an asteroid, or a space station, with your crew fighting strategically turn after turn.

Who are the Three Factions?

The three factions battling over Deadrock Divide offer a unique gameplay experience each time. Each faction has its own purpose for exploiting the resource and its own victory condition.

The Factions:

The Coalition of Free Miners: These pioneers were in the region before the discovery of deadrock and will remain after the ‘gold rush’ ends. Without a central governing body, the Free Miners must band together to repel other factions invading their territory.

Servius Industries: A major corporation specializing in cutting-edge military and commercial technologies. While their motives are unclear, it is certain they seek control of the entire Deadrock Divide to serve their interests in the ongoing war of the Core Planets.

The Lost: The most mysterious faction in Deadrock Divide. They are focused on the total consumption of the Divide, though it is unclear whether they serve their own interests or a greater force elsewhere in the galaxy.

How is the Game Played?

  1. Assemble Your Crew: Each member has specialized skills and abilities.
  2. Pick a Faction: Choose a faction to help control the asteroid belt.
  3. Customize Your Spaceship: Tailor the interior of your spaceship.
  4. Engage in Combat: Fight against pirates, mercenaries, aliens, and more.
  5. Mine, Trade, or Steal Deadrock: Acquire resources to progress in the game.

How Do I Customize My Crew?

You will acquire crew members throughout the game. Each member will have unique equipment, skills, and stats that you can fully control.

What Platforms Will the Game Be On?

The initial release will be on PC, Mac, and Linux. Our goal is to eventually be on as many platforms as possible. We are developing the game with gamepad and touch support to facilitate these transitions.

When Will the Game Be Released?

We are aiming for a summer 2015 release, but as always, it will be released when it is ready.

Is There a Way I Can Support You Now?

Yes, we will release information on how you can support us soon.