Bootsnake Games, like many other great companies, came into existence when a group of seasoned video game industry veterans decided to take a leap of faith and create their own amazing games.

Meet the Founders

Bootsnake Games is driven by two dynamic brothers who have known each other for over 70 years combined—that’s nearly a century of camaraderie! The significance of this bond goes beyond what any pie chart can illustrate.

Deadrock Divide gaming event

Our Mission

Bootsnake Games is on a mission to craft some of the best video games from our humble beginnings in a basement. The combined skills of the brothers are too extensive to list on a single webpage. Instead, we present some fun facts that give you a glimpse into life at Castle Bootsnake:

  • Both founders are former Cub Scouts
  • Their cousin was a Girl Scout
  • They unanimously agree that Thin Mints are the best Girl Scout cookies

Our Vision

With friends supporting us and the wind at our backs, Bootsnake Games is dedicated to creating games that the world will eagerly embrace, just like Thin Mints.

Our Motto

Bootsnake Games: Teaching the world about love, loss, and video games. For more information, check out our bios below.