Deadrock Divide FAQ

Hello and welcome to the FAQ for our current work in progress, Deadrock Divide. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. We will get back to you!

What is Deadrock Divide?

Deadrock Divide is our new tactical RPG in the works. The game is sort of a mix of X-COM and Sid Meier’s Pirates or FTL. You are given a ship , a crew, and plunged into the middle of an asteroid belt embroiled in conflict. Three major factions fight for control of the rare and powerful deadrock found in the asteroids of the region. You can join one of the factions to help them conquer the Divide. You will mine rocks, trade goods, board ships, and explore ancient ruins. All battles carry out in turn-based tactical combat. If you board a ship, fight on an asteroid, or in a space station; it all happens with your crew fighting strategically turn after turn.

Who are the three factions you can join?

The three factions battling over the Deadrock Divide will give the player a new way to play the game every time. Each faction will have its own purpose for exploiting the resource as well as it’s own victory condition for what they consider success.

The factions are:

The Coalition of Free Miners – These guys were here before the discovery of Deadrock and will be here after all this ‘gold rush’ business is over, as well. Not having a central governing body, the Free Miners will have to band together to kick out the other factions coming into their territory.

Servius Industries – Servius is one of the largest corporations specializing in cutting edge military and commercial technologies. Their motives seem unclear, however, it is certain they want control of the entire Deadrock Divide. Control of the Divide serves their personal interests in the on-going war of the Core Planets.

The Lost – They are the most mysterious faction fighting in Deadrock Divide. They are bent on total consumption of the Divide. It is unclear if they serve themselves, however, or a greater force elsewhere in the galaxy.

How is the game played?

  • Step 1: Assemble your crew, each with specialized skills and abilities

  • Step 2: Pick a faction to help control the asteroid belt

  • Step 3: Customize the interior of your spaceship

  • Step 4: Fight against pirates, mercs, aliens, and more

  • Step 5: Mine, trade, or steal Deadrock

How do I customize my crew?

You will acquire crew members throughout the game. Each one will have a unique set of equipment, skills, and stats that are in your full control.

What platforms will be game be on?

We will release on PC, Mac, and Linux first. After that, our goal is to always be on as many platforms as possible. We are developing the game with gamepad and touch support in mind so the transitions should be easier, hopefully.

When will the game be released?

We are shooting for summer 2015 but as always, when it’s done.

Is there a way I can support you now?

Yes, we will release information soon.