About Bootsnake Games

Bootsnake Games, like many other great companies, sprang into existence when some videogame industry veterans decided to risk it all and start working on awesome games of their own design.

Bootsnake Games is powered by two spleen-kicking brothers who have collectively known each other for over 70 years. That’s almost a century! A pie chart cannot contain why that is so important.

Bootsnake Games now sets out on an adventure to conjure to life some of the best damn video games in this, or any, other basement. Between the two brothers, there are way too many skills relevant to game development to list on a single web page. Instead, we offer up the following information, which is much more intimate view into life inside Castle Bootsnake:

  • Two former Cub Scouts
  • Their cousin of was a Girl Scout
  • 100% agreement that Thin Mints are the best Girl Scout cookie

What this all boils down to is that with friends at its side and the winds at its back, Bootsnake Games is working to create games the world will devour gladly. Like Thin Mints.

Bootsnake Games. Teaching the world about love, loss, and video games. Check out our bios below for more information.

Meet the Bootsnake Games Crew!

This is Mat:

Mat Staltman has been making art and animation inside video games for 6 years. While working on 3 different MMO’s he has learned what it takes to make video games. But . . . has he found the love? His journey has lead him to Bootsnake Games where he combines his knowledge of video game creation with the love of playing and creating video games.

This is Dru:

Dru Staltman has been a programmer and designer in the video games industry for over 5 years. He doesn’t know Karate, but he can make a mean batch of guacamole. Since he was in middle shool, Dru has dreamt of starting a game studio with his family and friends. Bootsnake Games is the realization of that dream.