Deadrock Divide

Its got grids!
Its got grids!

Deadrock Divide is the exciting new game coming from Bootsnake Games.

The game blends your favorite elements of video games like X-COM, FTL, Sid Meier’s Pirates, Freelancer, with elements from your favorite board games like Merchant of Venus, Galaxy Trucker, Eclipse, and Infinity.


  1. I saw you guys at PAX East and I have to say, blending my favorite elements of games like X-COM, FTL, Sid Meier’s Pirates and Freelancer sounds FANTASTIC. I’m gonna be following you guys!

  2. Thanks for coming by our booth. We are just getting things ramped up so stay tuned!

  3. I just heard about this on the GWJ podcast, and it sounds awesome! What sort of time scale are you looking at per playtrough? is it FTL´s a couple of hours tops, or will it be X-com´s ” until you cant stand doing the same thing over and over again”?
    I LOVE the games you mention as inpiration, but im a bit sceptical of the replayability. I like to stay with a game for a loooooong time, and i find that the total reset when i finish a playthrough is a putoff, especially if its a kinda short game, like FTL, so a bit of carryover, be it purely cosmetic, a littlebit extra something that i can build up over time, really helps getting me hoocked on the long term, do you have any plans for something like that?

    Looks great, i really hope you pull through the startup phase, as i am dying to give this a go!
    Good luck!

  4. Hey there,

    We are not making a short game. The goal is to make something that you can really spend a lot of time in the world with your character. Its an RPG and we want you to build your character and love him/her.

    The three factions is because if you want to play again, we want there to be enough options that every playthrough would feel different from the last. But they would be big play throughs.

    I can’t say how many hours would be in the game as that depends on how big we can make it, but we want something like 20 hours at least.

  5. Sounds awesome! Your gameplay mechanics fits my bill so well that it would be terribly dissapointing to find the RPG story elements wanting.
    From what i’ve seen of the game up until this point, i could spend years playing this game, im still pulling on baldurs gate and XCOM, like a warm fuzzy blanket a few times every year, could deadrock divide make it to those lofty hights? i think so!!

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