Containment: FAQ

Q: What platform is the game available for?

PC/Mac and iPad. Android is in the works.

Q: How much does the game cost?

The game costs 5 dollars on Steam and 2 dollars on the iPad.

Q: Are you making a phone version?

The current game will be on Android phone but only for large format phones. The iPhone version will take more work. The grid is too small on the smaller phones and makes it hard to play. We want to make a smaller phone version but will take some time.

Q: Is there an iPad 3 version?

The newest patch includes support for the retina display!

Q: Are you making an Xbox version? PSN?

We have no plans for that, unfortunately.

Q: Why a zombie puzzle game?

The game came first. We wanted to make a game using a mechanic similar to Go. The zombie theme just seemed to fit the concept of the game.  You surround an enemy tile that can also turn your tiles to their side.

Q: What inspired you during the creation of Containment?

Zombie movies were the biggest influence on our game as well as a couple comic books like XXXombies. We were very influenced by movies like Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead that took the zombie genre in other directions rather than just straight horror.

Q: How long is the game?

Around 3 or 4 hours for the campaign plus survival mode with leaderboards.

Q: How many zombie types are in the game?

There are a handful of zombie types encountered in the campaign as well as 2 boss zombies. All of our zombie types came out of a game mechanic first and theme came later. You haven’t seen zombies like this before. We are wacky fun times.

Q: So I just surround zombies?

Not at all! Containment is the puzzle game that fights back. Surrounding zombies will be the main way you eliminate zombies but it isn’t the only way. You will be rewarded for how well you play with devastating items that you can turn on the zombies. In addition, you use the very environment around you to kill zombies. As you play the zombies will be infecting your survivors turning them to zombies.

 Q: Is there multiplayer?

No there isn’t. It is a heavily requested feature so it is something we keep in mind for future updates if we can pull it off.

Q: Will there be updates to the game?

We have added 2 skirmish levels and implemented a lot of player feedback since launch. Most of the feedback was adding more PC style controls.

We would love to add another act to the game but details are still up in the air on that.

Q: What are the PC style controls you have added to the game?

You can single click to open crates instead of double click. You can single click to load an item as well as drag. We have, also, added hotkeys to the items.

Q: What is the new survival level all about?

We have found the survival levels to be very popular and wanted to fill in some gaps missing from launch. Our newest survival level is only 7 action packed blocks so it can be played in a smaller window of time. This allowed us to ramp the difficulty up much faster and give a fun, quick gaming experience.

Q: What is the new zombie?

We have added a bonus zombie or money zombie. The new zombie can be a regular zombie or a super zombie but there will only ever one 1 per block at a time. The zombie will have a gold exterior and will have glowing particles to denote which one gives the bonus. Surrounding this zombie gives you bonus points. The better the surround, the bigger the bonus so try for cascades and combos when getting a bonus zombie.

 Q: Isn’t this a bit art heavy for a mobile game?

Now that mobile devices are more powerful, we were excited to create a mobile game with the intensive 3D art we were used to making on our previous PC Games.

Q: How big is the team at Bootsnake Games?

We made Containment with a team of 4 that have known each other for over 75 combined years. Before starting Bootsnake Games, we worked on Gas Powered Games and Flying Lab Software where we worked on Supreme Commander, Demigod, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Bakugan Dimensions, and a couple others that never saw the light of day.

Other than the core 4, we have enlisted the help of a few others for contract work on sound, writing, voice acting, and additional art.

Q: What are the future plans for Bootsnake Games?

We are continuing to improve Containment with new survival levels and have plans for Containment if things work out.

Other than Containment, we started some preliminary work on a new title. It is too soon to talk about but keep an eye on for further information!



  1. (I own the game on the PC) For a survival map, would it be possible to make an endless mode? Where the map rotates to a new board after you clear it, but has several boards, so that it can be endless?

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