PAX East and Bootsnake Tactics

Hello everyone and welcome back from PAX East!

We had a great show. We were very busy from the moment we set foot in Boston until we landed back in Seattle. We showed up sick, got more sick during the show, and may someday be not sick anymore. Thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth and talked with us. It was a lot of fun meeting everyone or seeing you again. These shows are what make all the long hours worth it.

Here is a quick run down of our booth we had at the show. This should have been posted before we left but sadly any time we weren’t sleeping was spent working on the games. In all honesty, we needed another month to get properly ready for PAX. That said, we had a great showing but are working to make sure we are even more prepared for future shows.

We brought Containment to PAX. We will always bring Containment to PAX or any other show we do. Every time we bring the game, we get tons and tons of new people who have never played the game to become fans of our favorite zombie puzzle game.

Our good friend, Steve Snoey, came with us and helped at the booth. In case you do not know, Steve is the creator of America’s Fighting Dinosaur which can be seen for a brief few seconds in the drive in level of Containment. Steve helped us out as well as showed a bit of his documentary at the booth. You can find information about his documentary of the dinosaur that fought in World War 2 over at

And finally, we brought the prototype for our new game!

Our next game is a hybrid of a sandbox RPG with tactical turn based combat.


In the near future, mankind has begun to move into the stars. There is a mineral known as Deadrock which is incredibly important for space travel. In a region of an asteroid belt, there is found to be a lot of Deadrock. Corporations have sent out people and material to begin a large scale mining operation in the area.

Eventually, the corporations have reached saturation in the area. They begin to squabble and fight amongst themselves over certain “rocks” in the area. The player enters when the corporations are coming to conflict with each other.

As the captain of a mercenary crew, you will be able to fly around the asteroid belt and live in this world. The player can join and help one of the three major factions or any of the minor factions. The player can also become a pirate or only trade.

We are inspired by many other open sandbox RPGs in the past like Freelancer, Mount and Blade, and Sid Meier’s Pirates.

You will board other ships, assault mines, liberate space stations, and more using tactical turn based combat. Your character will level up, gain new abilities, try on amazing new belt buckles and more.

And you can upgrade your spaceship 🙂

The game is coming along very well. Its still CRAZY early, but we are mega excited about where its going. We were very excited to show the game off in its early stages at PAX East. We have a lot of feedback to process and we’ll make the game much better for it. We are going to have a LOT more information about the game coming forward. We want everyone to get a chance to get their little space hands on the game soon.

You can sign up for the Bootsnake Games newsletter here. We will keep everyone updated with the progress of the game and eventually pre-alpha and alpha testing information.


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