Containment Holiday Sale Patch

SteamSaleContainedToday is your chance to get Containment for the lowest price we have offered it outside of a bundle! Containment: The Zombie Puzzler is on sale as Steam’s daily deal. I know you already own everyone’s favorite game but Containment also makes a great stocking stuffer!

I wanted to talk a bit about the patch that is coming along with it.

The main purpose of the patch is to update Containment to Unity 4.0. While we aren’t using all the new features from the Unity update, the update helps us out on the other platforms and we want to keep all platforms on the same version. The big wins for us is we can finally get the Android version working, the performance on the tablets should go up a bit, and we will be able to release on Linux in the future, as well. (iOS update to be released after holidays)

In addition to the Unity update, we decided to push live the UI we have been working on and off of for a while now. The reasoning for this is many fold!

The original UI is very cool but was made when the direction of Containment had a more clinical feel throughout the game. The game shifted and the UI is the last thing that never really shifted with it. We wanted a UI that introduced you to the experience you were about to have playing the game. I think the new one accomplishes this better. It shows what the graphics of the game are like more and starts bringing you onto the streets with our in-world text from the get go. Containment is about being down on the street and moving through the city of Franklin as the story progresses.

This UI kicks off the Containment experience in a way that we felt it was important to have it for this week. We will be on sale and on the front page of Steam for the very first time ever. We aren’t sure if this will get us a lot of new users or not but at least any new users we do get will have a game experience more like we planned.

Thirdly, the new UI has room to grow. If we add new acts or chapters, it is easier to add them to this UI. If we ever add score to the campaign like we keep wanting to, this UI has more room to show that as well.

The other reason behind the UI update is that Mat has never worked on a UI before. The original UI was created by Jeremy and I just needed practice working with the tools. 🙂

We realize a new UI isn’t a big reason to load up a game you’ve probably beaten a million times already but we wanted this to be in place for any new users we get and I hope you understand. We like it a lot and hope you do too!

Enjoy the sale, tell your friends, buy them copies, have a happy holiday and we will be talking to you in the new year with more exciting news!

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