Containment iPad Update

Busy summer here at Bootsnake Games. Who knew so much could get done when the sun shines in Seattle?

Containment: The Zombie Puzzler has been updated on the iPad! Get it now while it’s on sale!

A couple of things we want to highlight is that the game now runs in retina display, the new iPad makes the game look amazing! Also, we have  updated the iPad version with Checkpoints. Now when playing, you can start where you left off if you leave the app. To celebrate the update, Containment will be on sale for a week at $0.99!

Please check out the full patch notes below. Have a great summer, and keep checking back for upcoming news!

– Checkpoints!! Added checkpoints so players can start where they left off.

– The game now runs in retina display.

– Added a new seven block survival level. Freeway Survival!

– Added a bonus zombie for survival mode to get bonus scores.

– All in world interactive items can now be single tapped as well as swiped.

– Fixed a bug with the UI where it would freeze in some situations.

– Fixed a number of issues where animations would play but the event would not always happen.

– Improved the main menu touch.

– Added a how to play screen in the main menu.

– Added options for sound and control in main menu.

– Lots of tweaks to textures to get the game to look better.

– Updated to new Unity version.

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