Containment now available on Mac

The gerbils are fed, the wheels are turning, and it’s time for another Bootsnake Games update before we feed the gerbils to the snakes. It’s been a busy couple of months here at Bootsnake Games.

We are happy to announce that Containment: The Zombie Puzzler is now available on Mac at the Steam store!

The Mac version has all the latest patches from the PC version and shares leaderboards, achievements, and all that good stuff. You can find the most recent patch notes below.


– Added a new survival level. Freeway Survival which is 7 blocks long.

– Added a survival bonus zombie. Surround the bonus zombie to get bonus points.


– Right click will deselect zombies and clear any item loaded.

– Fixed some issues with not deselecting zombies when clicking in open space.

– Can now click on crates and objects in the world with a tile selected. The tile will be deselected but the crate, etc will be interacted with.

– Fixed a bug where you could only drag out items during the final boss fight.

Main Menu:

– Added some “How to Play” screens in the main menu.

– Added sound volume option in the main menu options screen.

– Added click/drag control selection in main menu.


– Most animations re-exported with new animation events added to fix a lot of bugs where events wouldn’t always happen.

– Updated some mip data for the characters.

– Fix VC Redist trying to install every time game loads.

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