Post PAX Party Prior to Promised Patches

Phew. Things are finally starting to settle after our amazing PAX East showing. After PAX, we spent a week in Texas for personal matters but we are back (and in black?)  We made a lot of friends at PAX and hope you continue to stop by and see what we have coming down the road.

Mac version:  This one is so close we can taste it. It tastes like the color white, which as Mat informs me is the combination of all colors, so I guess it tastes like all the colors. Yeah, blew me away, as well.

PC version:   The new survival level is nearly finished. It needs just a little more baking but I think you will agree that this is the best survival level yet. We have even introduced a new zombie that ties directly into the scoring for your survival pleasure.

iPad version: We have a big, big patch coming to iPad. We are bringing in easier controls, the new survival level, and more performance improvements. Yeah, it’s gonna be good.

Android version: The big patch for iPad leads directly to the Android version. We are updating the game to Unity 3.5 which is a big help for our Android devices. Seeing as most of the office uses Android and I personally have a Kindle Fire, this is something we are very excited about. There are some very serious technical hurdles that we are looking into for this.

In addition to the platform news, we have some cool things happening to Containment but we can’t talk about that yet so stay tuned! We will have more Containment, as well as, Bootsnake news in the future.

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