Containment in the press

In case you haven’t been looking around the web, there have been some folks saying some nice things about Containment: The Zombie Puzzler out there. We grabbed some of the recent ones for you to check out. If you are looking for a complete list, our new links on the right have everything you ever wanted to know (about Containment, anyway).

Here is a review from Living Dead Media. We love to see zombie enthusiasts playing our game and enjoying our unique brand of zombie fighting.

Living Dead Media

The most recent review out there is a personal favorite of ours because it comes from the Indie Games Channel. Being an indie company ourselves, our hearts go out to the community created around indie gaming. It has been the most supportive, friendly, and generally amazing community we have ever been a part of. Much love to the Indie Games Channel, indie developers, and the people who play indie games! <3

Indie Games Channel

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