Containment at PAX 2011!

Well, let’s start with the bad news first. We won’t be having a booth this year.

Now I know this is probably hard to read at this point. Eyes a bit watery? Don’t worry, we’ll back up the story of a bug getting in there. However, dry those tears dear readers! We will be walking the floor with a couple of iPads that have the game playable on them, so if you happen to run into us, you can play the game, and chat with us for a while!

To top that off, we’ll also be showing the game at the AppNation Live Panel Saturday, 4:30 at the Serpent Theatre! This will be a whole different demo than you’ll see on the iPads, so if you get the chance, swing by to see both!

Info on the panel as follows:

AppNation LIVE!
Serpent Theatre
Saturday 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Appaholics represent! What happens when you get two unofficial Apple app fiends together with some of the gaming industry’s most opinionated reviewers? Chaos… and quite a few laughs. Come join us as we discuss portable gaming’s clunkers, hidden gems, and outright disastrous attempts at game making on the iPhone and iPad. Join Aaron Morris (Apple, Appnation), Seven (Appnation, Raid Warning), Richard Mitchell (Joystiq), and Jeff Cannata (Weekend Confirmed, Totally Rad Show) for some off the record rants and reviews.
Panelists include: Richard Mitchell [Host, Joystiq], Jeff Cannata [Host, Weekend Confirmed], Aaron Morris [Host, Apple], Seven DeBord [Host, Apple]

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