New Bootsnake Banner!

This is probably more awesome for us, than you guys, but we got us a Bootsnake Games banner! It’s useful for so many things. Expos and shows, we now have something to identify the company at a distance! Top of flagpoles, we now have something to fly! Nights under the opens stars, we now have a blanket to keep us toasty warm! Bullfighting, hangliding, something to cover that huge hole in the wall from failed raid attempt number 14 of the night… this banner can be used for almost anything!

To top that amazing news off, Jeffrey Matulef also wrote up his experience at the awesome Seattle Indie Expo for Eurogamer, which includes a great bit on Containment!

With that awesome article, I’ll leave you off with a few photos of the new banner in all of its glory!


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