Official Announcement!

Seattle, Washington – Bootsnake Games, an independent startup founded by ex-developers of Pirates of the Burning Sea and the Supreme Commander franchise, announces its forthcoming game Containment, a Zombie Puzzler for iPad and PC/Mac. Containment transports the player to the sleepy town of Franklin – a town best known for its award-winning apple pie, the state’s largest Science and History museum, and most recently, the Zombie horde feasting upon its citizens.

We at Bootsnake Games love Puzzle games. We’ve played and enjoyed pretty much every game in the genre. When we got together to make Containment, our own tile-based puzzle game, we discussed all the things we could improve to help move the genre forward. The two biggest items on our list were colored gem-based visuals and match-3 gameplay. Almost every game we had played used a variant of those things.

From the beginning, we wanted to shake things up a bit. By moving from match-3 to a new surround mechanic and replacing gems with 3D characters that animate in compelling ways, we’ve done it. We’ve also added a full Zombie-infested town that players will fight through during the game. Making use of this environment – as well as items picked up along the way – is the only way to contain the Zombie menace.

Our goal with Containment is to infuse Puzzle games with the personality they need, while retaining the great puzzle qualities that brought us to the genre in the first place.


We’ll be posting our first real round of screenshots in the near future, but wanted to share at least one to help you get your head wrapped around what we’re going for.

First look screenshot of Containment

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