Castle Bootsnake 2.0

Well, we’ve moved to a new office! If you overlook the fact that it took us almost 2 weeks to get our internet hooked up, and that our Sea Monkeys died, it was the perfect move! It’s larger than the old office, on a nicer hall, and most importantly, we have more whiteboard space (this is what you get when you let the producer type the blog posts)!

Now, I don’t know about the other guys here at Bootsnake Games, but I always liked the idea of our office in correlation to Castle Grayskull. I owned Snake Mountain as a child (Boom! Christmas 1984!), but the manacle chains broke like 2 weeks in, and I usually just used it to make funny sounds on the microphone thing.

Now, you tell me, valued reader, is that something you want in relation to your workspace environment? A broken manacle chain and a creepy microphone? The answer is of course, “No dear sir. I would much prefer either a working manacle to go along with my microphone, or perhaps a giant stone castle with a skull mouth for a door.” And I must admit, I agree. So this is why I would like to think that we work in Castle Bootsnake as opposed to Bootsnake Mountain.

I also hate the idea of walking uphill to work on a mountain.

And now we present pictures for your viewing enjoyment…


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