Fun Times with Our New Logo

Now that we have finished our new logo, we get to do more fun stuff with it.

I know you are all really excited about what we mean. And boy oh boy, it’s really fun.

Think paper products. Yeah, that’s right. Old fashioned printed out paper. Even in this the 21st century with our laser guns, floating cars, and robot helpers, we still have a need for paper products.

The first paper product we are going to deliver unto the world is exciting. It’s a company business card with our logo on it. This way we can shmooze with the best of people at parties. We can hit on the ladies by letting them know we are CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, UFOs, and OOOs.

It’s a strange thing. The power of having a company business card is weird. It makes you feel all professional for no reason. And then you can accessorize with it.

We can get us some of those fancy business card holders. You know what I’m talking about. The thing shaped like a pocket that you put in your pocket. Totally useful and shiny.

So we’ll get us some business cards. We’ll move into the letterhead world. From there? Who knows, we can probably take on the moon or a dragon or something.

Moonsnake Games
Hell yes. We're on the moon. LENS FLARE!!!!

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