Bootsnake Games Attends PAX!

Internet: “Hey Bootsnake Games!”

Bootsnake Games: “Well, hello Internet. How you doing, sexy?”

I: “Oh, you are just too kind. I was wanting to know if you, Bootsnake Games, attended this year’s Penny Arcade Expo. Often referred to as PAX. It is hosted in the city of Seattle. That city, rumor tells, is the land where you have the castle.”

BSG: “Oh Internet, you are a savvy kind of awesome. We in fact did go to PAX.”

I: “Man, that is rad. I bet you had the best time.”

BSG: “Well, we did have quite the time. We had so much fun that we totally forgots to take pictures of the event. Yeah. We rule.”

I: “Oh man, I dearly was hoping to witness your efforts at PAX. Sadness.”

BSG: “Fret not, dear Internet. We have your back. We took the liberty of doing artist renditions of us at various PAX booths where you could have found us.”

I: “Phew! I was worried I was going to have to go read a post from people that actually was informative.”

BSG: “We will not let that come to pass. Where would you like to start?”

I: “Hmmm. How about from the beginning?”

Hooray PAX!

So there we were. Bootsnake Games was at PAX. It was a fantastic expo. So much fun. It would be hard for us to really convey all the good times and great people we met at the show. Instead, we have opted to present to you, dear reader, with the Jackie Ables visual tour of our friends booths.

We have some awesome friends in the video games industry. We are pretty fortunate in that regard. Some of them had booths at PAX this year and it was great to see our friends showing off their wares in one of the bestest of conventions ever.

We have a few friends at WB. They are making a Lord of the Rings game called War in the North ( which looks kinda crazy awesome. They also had a giant effing Nazgul statue. It was terrifying! So terrifying we had to jump for joy!

We also have ourselves some friends at Uber Entertainment ( They made the super fun and awesome Monday Night Combat on Xbox Live Arcade. It’s a pretty swell thing! Here we are out their booth. Doing booth stuff.

We also have ourselves some friends who are at NC Soft. They had booths for both Aion ( and Guild Wars 2 ( at the PAX. It was cool. We wanted to cosplay this year, but just couldn’t figure it all out. But this is what we thought we would look like. Aion just had a free expansion come out, and Guild Wars 2 looks freaking sweeeeet.

Roller Derby is a sport for the ladies. It involves roller skates, ladies, skimpy outfits, ladies, and ladies pushing each other around. It’s also got a game coming out from those at Frozen Codebase ( Those folks had some of the Rat City Rollergirls ( at their booth.

Here we have a picture of Nasty Trick of Sockit Wenches and Nikole Plated of Grave Danger with some ninjas or something. Booyah to roller derby!

Internet: “Wow, Bootsnake. You sure make PAX look awesome.”

Bootsnake Games: “We do what we can Internet. No. We do what we must.”


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