We upgraded Castle Bootsnake!

We here at Bootsnake Games do enjoy us some words. So we’re pretty darn excited to hear that pictures are worth 1,000 words. That makes it easy for us to get our word count up CRAZY high in our blog posts. With this knowledge at hand, we are making this our highest word count post yet.

Wanna know what Bootsnake Games does not like? That would be working in a basement without air conditioning. It’s not pleasant. You also have to watch out for the mole people. Because as we all know, the mole people are trying to come from the subterranean fortresses to enslave and kill us all. We did our part killing them by the dozen for a few months. Now it’s up to the rest of you for a while.

We’d like to give you the opportunity to view the fortress where we defended mankind. So here our 7,000 word description of the old office.

DAMN! That place was crazy fancy. It must take quite a fancy, fancy place to make us leave all that behind. And that is because where we now work IS all fancy, fancy.

We now reside inside an office building. The building has an elevator! The building has restaurants nearby! Moving Bootsnake Games into this building is probably going to be looked upon as the greatest moment in the history of civilization. It’s either that or the invention of the Slurpee.

So let us take you on a whirlwind tour of how to build a better Castle Bootsnake. First, we start with Ikea Galant series desks. Imagine us putting the desks together. Now imagine us putting them together wrong. And I mean every single desk was assembled wrong. We are the future of carpentry.

Now we add our computers to our desks. BAM! We can work again!

Next we add random office crap to make it look like we are working. When we have guests we like to draw things on white boards and tell them we are adjusting the 4d3d3d3.

Then we add a couch. Some couches come built with wives!

Then we add booze.

Now we stamp our name all over the place. This is the sign outside our office. Seeing it for the first time was a pretty epic moment for us.

We are even more lucky to be next door to our friends. There are 4 fine young gentlemen that are working next door. We’ve worked with some of them before, but they are all awesome so here are links to their stuffs!

Justin Norman – Current artist for The Spirit at DC Comics and reigning nicest man on Earth. http://moritat.deviantart.com/

Mark Selander – Super talented dude. His website has so much goodness on it. http://machinesandhumans.com/

Nate Simpson – Working on his own comic thingy right now. It’s more than a little freaking awesome and inspiring. http://projectwaldo.blogspot.com/

William Steven Snoey IV – He’s working on some secret stuff right now. If it’s anything like his facial hair it will be awesome. http://stevesnoey.blogspot.com

Yay neighbors!

So now, Bootsnake Games has a new home! It’s a pretty amazing thing. It makes everything feel so much more real than before. The basement was awesome and it’s where we started, but now we move forth with a way more awesome place!


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  1. hellz yeah, I can see my lost phone under the couch jackie’s sitting on! Thanks for solving the mystery! 🙂

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