Meet the staff: Part 1

Well, we’ve been knee deep in the demo over the last 2 weeks, and will be submitting to Indiecade and the Pax10 really soon. Fingers crossed and all of that. We’re actually close to a point where we can start showing bits of the game as well. Most likely after the demo submissions, so that’s… Continue reading Meet the staff: Part 1

Castle Bootsnake 2.0

Well, we’ve moved to a new office! If you overlook the fact that it took us almost 2 weeks to get our internet hooked up, and that our Sea Monkeys died, it was the perfect move! It’s larger than the old office, on a nicer hall, and most importantly, we have more whiteboard space (this… Continue reading Castle Bootsnake 2.0

Why We Logo

We want to start with a huge shout out to Steve Snoey. The previous logo was illustrated by him. It is an awesome piece of illustration. We can’t thank him enough for spending time to give it to us. Hit up his blog ( Thank you, Steve! The Bootsnake Games logo took a long time… Continue reading Why We Logo

Fun Times with Our New Logo

Now that we have finished our new logo, we get to do more fun stuff with it. I know you are all really excited about what we mean. And boy oh boy, it’s really fun. Think paper products. Yeah, that’s right. Old fashioned printed out paper. Even in this the 21st century with our laser… Continue reading Fun Times with Our New Logo

Bootsnake Games Attends PAX!

Internet: “Hey Bootsnake Games!” Bootsnake Games: “Well, hello Internet. How you doing, sexy?” I: “Oh, you are just too kind. I was wanting to know if you, Bootsnake Games, attended this year’s Penny Arcade Expo. Often referred to as PAX. It is hosted in the city of Seattle. That city, rumor tells, is the land… Continue reading Bootsnake Games Attends PAX!

We upgraded Castle Bootsnake!

We here at Bootsnake Games do enjoy us some words. So we’re pretty darn excited to hear that pictures are worth 1,000 words. That makes it easy for us to get our word count up CRAZY high in our blog posts. With this knowledge at hand, we are making this our highest word count post… Continue reading We upgraded Castle Bootsnake!

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Building a Better Bootsnake for Tomorrow, Yesterday

So you probably are thinking to yourselves, “This Bootsnake Games sure does have its act together in such a fashionable way!” And you would be correct, sir or madam! Mostly at least.

You see, though handsome as we may be, we are not completely flawless. “Lies!” our mother’s cry out in the night. But sadly truthful.

We have taken a bumps, bruises, and wooden nickels along the path of making our own brand of game. From small things, like not having an ink cartridge when one of us wanted to print out a coupon, to more major things, like not having tested our FTP servers until someone needed a file instantly. We have had some mismanaged awesome.

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Check your boots, folks.

Bootsnake Games Studios is a Go! The crew has been gearing up for this moment for awhile, and now we finally get to announce Bootsnake Games as a real video game development studio! In celebration of this announcement we’re sending you a personalized high five through the Interwebs in the form of this press release.… Continue reading Check your boots, folks.

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