Why Bootsnake Tactics?

Bootsnake Tactics Overworld map prototype

TURN BASED LOVE We’ve been fans of turn based tactical games for as long as we remember. Not just a couple of them. Pretty much all of em. Final Fantasy Tactics, Silent Storm, Fallout (1, 2, and Tactics), Heroes of Might and Magic, Jagged Alliance, XCOM, and many more. I know what you’re thinking. “Really… Continue reading Why Bootsnake Tactics?

Containment Holiday Sale Patch

Today is your chance to get Containment for the lowest price we have offered it outside of a bundle! Containment: The Zombie Puzzler is on sale as Steam’s daily deal. I know you already own everyone’s favorite game but Containment also makes a great stocking stuffer! I wanted to talk a bit about the patch… Continue reading Containment Holiday Sale Patch

Building Our Roadmap

PLANNING AT CASTLE BOOTSNAKE We’ve had a lot of people ask us what is next. It’s a very good question, and one that is hard to really answer. You’d think it would be easy. We’re an indie developer and we can do what we want! So we’re totally building the next crazy weird indie game!… Continue reading Building Our Roadmap

Containment iPad Update

Busy summer here at Bootsnake Games. Who knew so much could get done when the sun shines in Seattle? Containment: The Zombie Puzzler has been updated on the iPad! Get it now while it’s on sale! A couple of things we want to highlight is that the game now runs in retina display, the new… Continue reading Containment iPad Update