Deadrock Divide B-Roll


Here is some B-Roll footage of our game-in-progress, Deadrock Divide. We currently have footage of the tactical combat as well as the overworld asteroid field. The footage is currently in .mp4 format. All are in 1080p. If you need another format, please contact Mat.

Right click, save as…

Asteroid Footage

DeadrockDivide_BRollAsteroid01     14 seconds     56.2 MB

DeadrockDivide_BRollAsteroid02     11 seconds    42.8  MB

DeadrockDivide_BRollAsteroid03     13 seconds     53.3 MB

Tactical Footage

DeadrockDivide_BRollTactical01     58 seconds     133 MB

DeadrockDivide_BRollTactical02     22 seconds     54.8  MB

DeadrockDivide_BRollTactical03     29 seconds     78.2 MB

All in a ZIP File

DeadRockDivide_BRollAll       415 MB