A plethora of pictures

Long ago, in a basement far, far away (6 blocks from here) we here at Castle Bootsnake got together to make a, and I quote, “hella rad game”. We started this by greyboxing about 16 different game ideas, which after a bit of playtesting, we picked out this fun tile game idea and started working.… Continue reading A plethora of pictures

Containment at PAX 2011!

Well, let’s start with the bad news first. We won’t be having a booth this year. Now I know this is probably hard to read at this point. Eyes a bit watery? Don’t worry, we’ll back up the story of a bug getting in there. However, dry those tears dear readers! We will be walking… Continue reading Containment at PAX 2011!

Meet the staff: Part 2

Oh man, have we been busy lately! We just finished up our demo for PAX and IndieCade. We hope we make the cut, but even if we don’t, it was a blast finishing up the demo. Looking back at the older versions of the game really shows just how far we’ve come. We’re looking forward… Continue reading Meet the staff: Part 2

Meet the staff: Part 1

Well, we’ve been knee deep in the demo over the last 2 weeks, and will be submitting to Indiecade and the Pax10 really soon. Fingers crossed and all of that. We’re actually close to a point where we can start showing bits of the game as well. Most likely after the demo submissions, so that’s… Continue reading Meet the staff: Part 1

Why We Logo

We want to start with a huge shout out to Steve Snoey. The previous logo was illustrated by him. It is an awesome piece of illustration. We can’t thank him enough for spending time to give it to us. Hit up his blog (http://stevesnoey.blogspot.com/) Thank you, Steve! The Bootsnake Games logo took a long time… Continue reading Why We Logo

Fun Times with Our New Logo

Now that we have finished our new logo, we get to do more fun stuff with it. I know you are all really excited about what we mean. And boy oh boy, it’s really fun. Think paper products. Yeah, that’s right. Old fashioned printed out paper. Even in this the 21st century with our laser… Continue reading Fun Times with Our New Logo

Bootsnake Games Attends PAX!

Internet: “Hey Bootsnake Games!” Bootsnake Games: “Well, hello Internet. How you doing, sexy?” I: “Oh, you are just too kind. I was wanting to know if you, Bootsnake Games, attended this year’s Penny Arcade Expo. Often referred to as PAX. It is hosted in the city of Seattle. That city, rumor tells, is the land… Continue reading Bootsnake Games Attends PAX!