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Containment: The Zombie Puzzler now available on Android tablets!

Containment: The Zombie Puzzler is available at these fine digital retailers.

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To the wilds of PC with ye, Ziggy!

As of like now (I mean then, now further back in time from now, even further now), you can spend your hard earned dollar bills on Containment: The Zombie Puzzler for the PC.

The most glorious and esteemed lords and ladies at Steam have placed the game into their servers or mainframes or floppy disk drives or whatever. Utilizing the latest in grass fed beef Internet, you can gather up all the bits and see for yourself what we have been fussing about for some time.

The following is like some silly soapy journal or something, but it's our damn journal so we can do it. So there!


We really hope you enjoy the hell out of the game. We feel like we've made a special little thing here at Bootsnake Games. We are so damn happy that it's going out on PC. We are very proud of the game on both iPad and PC.

Making this game has simply been a wild and awesome ride. We are so lucky to have had this chance to make this game. Castle Bootsnake has been such a fun and exciting place. There is some metaphorical blood of ours all over the Castle, but that's just as it should be.

Before we sign off, we have to make sure we properly pay people their due. A bunch of great people helped us in our times of need. Bootsnake Games loves you folks and think you are the bee's knees, elbows, and and other body part Tony Jaa uses as a weapon.

Howard, Grant, Gary, Ken, Duds, Graham, Steve, Brad, Janet. We love you for all you did. You are why the game looks, sounds, reads, and plays as well as it does. Thank you.

To every other person who supported us even a little. Thank you.

And now! Through the miracles of Steam, we are proud to open the gates up to Containment: The Zombie Puzzler.

Please, impress upon the zombies how horrible and wrong their behavior has been.

Keep Franklin Living.

- The Dapper Crew of Bootsnake Games

Containment: The Zombie Puzzler on Steam

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Ways to prepare for Containment: The Zombie Puzzler on Steam

Living denizens of the planet called Earth,

March 2nd, 2012 is when the magic wall separating you from playing Containment on Steam drops. We know you are excited.

We are too, which is why we are blogging multiple times in a week. (new world record?)

So we have a short list of things you can do in order to get ready to kill zombies. Sort of how to get into the mood if you will.
1 -Learn about Zombie Walks. They are crazy. It adds another day of the year where you can walk around town covered in ghastly goop all over your body. So you have Zombie Walks and election days.

Oh. Halloween too. If you're into that sort of thing. (Thanks for fighting SOPA!)


2 - Buy canned goods. In case you need to barricade your house in an apocalypse. This way you can eat beans for at least three days before you realize you don't have a big enough bunker to live like Brendan Fraser, Sissy Spacek and Christopher Walken.

When the apocalypse doesn't happen in the next few weeks, you'll also be ready to give some goods to food banks. That seems like a nice way to make lemonade out of irrational fear.


3 - Buy lumber. See above about building a bunker. Gift the lumber to kids who make sleds or something. I don't know who wants lumber as a gift. That's a weird request you have.


So those are just a few ideas on how to spend some time waiting for Containment: The Zombie Puzzler.

They are completely impractical, but that's okay. You've earned it.


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Containment: The Zombie Puzzler coming to Steam on March 2nd!


Containment: The Zombie Puzzler is coming to Steam. /dance /cry /cheer /cry /dance /getdown

This is pretty awesome stuff people. March 2nd, you will be able to save Franklin from the oncoming zombie menace. Things the Steam version will be giving you. Achievements, leaderboards, a sense of well being, a strong desire to hug, and most of all the ability to chat with people playing Skyrim.

For PC nerds like those of us at Castle Bootsnake, being on Steam is pretty damn swell. For instance, in Dru's Steam library, Containment will be right between Company of Heroes and Counter-Strike. /swoon

So please come join us this Friday in the digital majesty of Steam!

Go go Ziggy!


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Newest version of Containment is now!

Well we've just heard back from Apple that the newest version of Containment: The Zombie Puzzler has now hit the app store! There's some great changes and additions in there which we wanted to share with you guys for like ever now. Honest. We've been biting nails for the last week just shaking with anticipation on hitting that "publish" button on the ol website. That being said, the time has arrived! We are proud to announce the following changes with the newest version of Containment.

  • New Survival level (The Cemetery)
  • New Cemetery Leaderboards (hurry and get first place!)
  • Performance upgrades on iPad 1 and 2!
  • Random bug fixes
  • Tweaks to some art and score screens in Survival mode
And now we'll leave you with some screens from the new level for your perusal. Remember, it's because we love you.
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Now in the works!

We here at Castle Bootsnake are working ever so hard on the new iPad update as well as many new versions of Containment for all of you to play!

Coming very soon:



Android Tablet

Kindle Fire

What we'll be working on after that:


Android phones

On top of that we'll be continuing work on new content, as well as perf and bug fixes as they pop up! And remember, it's all because we love you!

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New Screenshots!

Thought I'd post these here while we wait for them to show up on the iTunes page!

Hope you guys are enjoying the game!


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The game is live!

So after many sleepless nights, gyros eaten, and Sea Monkeys birthed, we are proud to present to you Containment: the Zombie Puzzler in all of its’ iPad glory (PC and Mac glory coming in the very near future)!

Containment: The Zombie Puzzler

Action Puzzle Games are awesome. We all love them and have played most all of them. Why should you care about our new one Containment: The Zombie Puzzler? Well for starters, we ditched the gems. We also got rid of match three. Containment takes a new approach at the genre, bringing things to a much more frantic real time pace, as well as adding personality and graphics not normally found in a puzzler.

The point of Containment: The Zombie Puzzler is to surround the zombies with like colored survivors. Once surrounded, the zombies are destroyed in a spray of blood and gunfire, rewarding the player with items to be used in the fight. Take too long, and the zombies attack, infecting your survivors and turning them over to the zombie hordes!

Video probably explains it better than words, so here’s a link to some gameplay footage.

And if you missed the link above, here's a handy link to the iTunes Containment: The Zombie Puzzler page.



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New Logo, and best game description of all time.

First up we have our new logo compliments of Mat!

New Containment Logo

New Containment Logo

As well as the best description of the game ever by Dru.

In Containment: The Zombie Puzzler, Bootsnake Games has accurately and faithfully rebuilt the entire Zombie Outbreak of Franklin County. The immense attention to detail is staggering and rather touching.

From the sounds that were digitally recreated using the latest in BMX technology to the stitching details on the clothing of the citizens, this is effectively a period piece in the long history of great works such as Downton Abbey, Gosford Park, and Die Hard.

Bootsnake Games is thrilled that you will be given the chance, nay opportunity, nay honor, to kill all them zombie fools.

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I put on my robe and wizard hat

Ren Faire Banner

We’re getting closer every day to getting Containment into your hands. What’s that? You want an exact date? Well let’s just say “soon”. I know, I know, it’s not an exact date, but let’s just say we’re playing hard to get.

That being said, we’re hard at work to finalize the game. Late nights, weekends, playtests, renaissance faires, zombie wizards. You know, the norm.

Speaking of zombie wizards, Containment now has freaking ZOMBIE WIZARDS! Complete with wizard hats. The dangers of being at a ren faire during a zombie outbreak. Think of this as a public service announcement of sorts.


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