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“Post PAX’11 write up”, or “Yay I have my voice back!”

Well PAX ‘11 has come to an end! Actually, let’s start this post off right.

Thank you to the AppNation guys, Jeff Cannata, Justin McElroy, and all of the people who came to watch the panel on Saturday, for giving us the chance to share Containment. We love you, want to have 10,000 of your babies, etc. and present you with a small token of our gratitude...

Jump JB Zombie Jump!

Jump JB Zombie Jump!

See? Now don’t you feel left out. Why does that Zombie have such stylish teen heart throb hair? If you were at the panel, you’d know. Your lack of knowledge is something you honestly should be ashamed of. Go ahead and dwell, we’ll be here when you get back.

As for the rest of PAX? Color us impressed! It was honestly one of the best shows we’ve been to, and the Indie space up on the 6th floor was just amazing. We were left tired, happy, and waiting for more (is it PAX east time yet?)

We’ll finish this up with a lot of random pictures Dru took around the show!

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New Bootsnake Banner!

This is probably more awesome for us, than you guys, but we got us a Bootsnake Games banner! It's useful for so many things. Expos and shows, we now have something to identify the company at a distance! Top of flagpoles, we now have something to fly! Nights under the opens stars, we now have a blanket to keep us toasty warm! Bullfighting, hangliding, something to cover that huge hole in the wall from failed raid attempt number 14 of the night... this banner can be used for almost anything!

To top that amazing news off, Jeffrey Matulef also wrote up his experience at the awesome Seattle Indie Expo for Eurogamer, which includes a great bit on Containment!

With that awesome article, I'll leave you off with a few photos of the new banner in all of its glory!

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Seattle Indies Expo 2011

Well the journey out of Castle Bootsnake to the Haunted Temple Studios side of town proved to be a huge success. We were lucky enough to be able to show off a Containment demo at the Seattle Indies Expo Monday night, and honestly had a blast!

There were a total of 15 amazing Seattle indie exhibitors and over 100 people through the doors. It was a ton of fun, and the first time outside of our small indie group that we’ve had people playing the game! We gave hands on demos on PC and iPad for a bit over 5 hours, and as my hoarse voice, and slight hangover tell me, we had a hell of a time.

Thanks again to the Haunted Temple Studio guys for setting it up, and to all of you who were able to come by and try out Containment! For those who couldn’t make it, here’s a few slightly blurry phone pics we snapped of the event (the one thing we forgot was the camera :( ). We've also found some great pictures from Dan MacDonald over here, as well as a great write up of the event from Brad Gallaway!

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