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Combat Update!


We've got a big update on Deadrock Divide! Have some fun and get right in on the space blastin’ – Deadrock Demo! And don’t forget to let us know what you think!


Bootsnake Games is proud to bring you a demo with WAAAAAAY less stuff in it than our last version. We did it! It took months of work, but we finally released less content. Yay! Our latest demo has one map. It’s tiny. You’ll get bored and probably give it poor Metacritic reviews for only having one map and a handful of enemies.


In the works: Deadrock Divide


Deadrock Divide is our current work in progress. For more information check out our blogs or sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date. (we don't update if often so don't worry about spam)

Our original game, Containment: The Zombie Puzzler, is currently available. For more information, click here.


Containment – Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there!

We have posted an FAQ to help answer some questions about Containment!!

It's on the site, and we will try to add to it as people ask more questions.

If you want to know more, please ask away! We want to make the best games that we can, and we want to keep making things better for what we have released so far.

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Containment joins this year’s PAX10

Dear Internet Reader,

We are as confused as you are.

We have double checked the emails.

We have slapped each other repeatedly to make sure we are not sleeping.

We still weren’t quite sure to believe it until the actual web page launched.

Containment: The Zombie Puzzler has been selected as one of the PAX10 for the year 2012.




Containment Comes to Indie Royale

We have the pleasure of informing you that our most beautiful game, Containment: The Zombie Puzzler, is available for purchase as part of the current Indie Royale Bundle. This is an honor for us to be included with 4 other great games: Dungeon Defender, Data Jammers, Weird Worlds, and Brain Pipe.

This is how Indie Royale works.

-Get in early for a lower price on the bundle.

-The more people buy, the price goes up.

-Knock the price down by showing your support and paying more than the current price.

-All games are downloaded directly or redeemed on Steam and Desura.

We hope you stop by and use this opportunity to get Containment: The Zombie Puzzler at the lowest price yet. Even if you already own our game, check out the other games in our bundle and try something new out! It is definitely worth it at this price and supporting indie games feels good. Believe us, we support indie games too!


“Post PAX’11 write up”, or “Yay I have my voice back!”

Well PAX ‘11 has come to an end! Actually, let’s start this post off right.

Thank you to the AppNation guys, Jeff Cannata, Justin McElroy, and all of the people who came to watch the panel on Saturday, for giving us the chance to share Containment. We love you, want to have 10,000 of your babies, etc. and present you with a small token of our gratitude...

Jump JB Zombie Jump!

Jump JB Zombie Jump!

See? Now don’t you feel left out. Why does that Zombie have such stylish teen heart throb hair? If you were at the panel, you’d know. Your lack of knowledge is something you honestly should be ashamed of. Go ahead and dwell, we’ll be here when you get back.

As for the rest of PAX? Color us impressed! It was honestly one of the best shows we’ve been to, and the Indie space up on the 6th floor was just amazing. We were left tired, happy, and waiting for more (is it PAX east time yet?)

We’ll finish this up with a lot of random pictures Dru took around the show!

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New Bootsnake Banner!

This is probably more awesome for us, than you guys, but we got us a Bootsnake Games banner! It's useful for so many things. Expos and shows, we now have something to identify the company at a distance! Top of flagpoles, we now have something to fly! Nights under the opens stars, we now have a blanket to keep us toasty warm! Bullfighting, hangliding, something to cover that huge hole in the wall from failed raid attempt number 14 of the night... this banner can be used for almost anything!

To top that amazing news off, Jeffrey Matulef also wrote up his experience at the awesome Seattle Indie Expo for Eurogamer, which includes a great bit on Containment!

With that awesome article, I'll leave you off with a few photos of the new banner in all of its glory!

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Seattle Indies Expo 2011

Well the journey out of Castle Bootsnake to the Haunted Temple Studios side of town proved to be a huge success. We were lucky enough to be able to show off a Containment demo at the Seattle Indies Expo Monday night, and honestly had a blast!

There were a total of 15 amazing Seattle indie exhibitors and over 100 people through the doors. It was a ton of fun, and the first time outside of our small indie group that we’ve had people playing the game! We gave hands on demos on PC and iPad for a bit over 5 hours, and as my hoarse voice, and slight hangover tell me, we had a hell of a time.

Thanks again to the Haunted Temple Studio guys for setting it up, and to all of you who were able to come by and try out Containment! For those who couldn’t make it, here’s a few slightly blurry phone pics we snapped of the event (the one thing we forgot was the camera :( ). We've also found some great pictures from Dan MacDonald over here, as well as a great write up of the event from Brad Gallaway!

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Screenshots! (Oh and words you will skip to see the screenshots faster)

We've been hard at work on Containment over this last week. Honest! We've even given up our 2pm daily nacho break, which has allowed us to make the game 32% more awesome. Now tell me that's not dedication!

The biggest non-nacho gain being that we're entirely moved over to Unity at this point! This allows us a lot of great things, most of which you don't care about, but it does allow us to show things off using the Unity Web Player! We'll be using this in future weeks to allow you to take a closer look at our characters, move through some of Franklin itself, as well as eventually having a fully playable demo online to try!

For now, we have 3 new screenshots for you!

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Official Announcement!

Seattle, Washington – Bootsnake Games, an independent startup founded by ex-developers of Pirates of the Burning Sea and the Supreme Commander franchise, announces its forthcoming game Containment, a Zombie Puzzler for iPad and PC/Mac. Containment transports the player to the sleepy town of Franklin – a town best known for its award-winning apple pie, the state's largest Science and History museum, and most recently, the Zombie horde feasting upon its citizens.

We at Bootsnake Games love Puzzle games. We've played and enjoyed pretty much every game in the genre. When we got together to make Containment, our own tile-based puzzle game, we discussed all the things we could improve to help move the genre forward. The two biggest items on our list were colored gem-based visuals and match-3 gameplay. Almost every game we had played used a variant of those things.

From the beginning, we wanted to shake things up a bit. By moving from match-3 to a new surround mechanic and replacing gems with 3D characters that animate in compelling ways, we've done it. We've also added a full Zombie-infested town that players will fight through during the game. Making use of this environment – as well as items picked up along the way – is the only way to contain the Zombie menace.

Our goal with Containment is to infuse Puzzle games with the personality they need, while retaining the great puzzle qualities that brought us to the genre in the first place.


We'll be posting our first real round of screenshots in the near future, but wanted to share at least one to help you get your head wrapped around what we're going for.

First look screenshot of Containment