A plethora of pictures

Long ago, in a basement far, far away (6 blocks from here) we here at Castle Bootsnake got together to make a, and I quote, “hella rad game”. We started this by greyboxing about 16 different game ideas, which after a bit of playtesting, we picked out this fun tile game idea and started working. Now, about 8 months later, that tile game isn’t only fun, but it’s looking really damn nice!

Well today we’ve decided to share the steps we took to get Containment to where it is today.

First up we have our greybox gameplay showing off the amazing visual styles of Dru, our engineer.

Zombie Prototype 1
Engineers make amazing art.

This was about the time I came on with some useable UI that allowed us to bring items into play. Impressed? Oh I know you are.

Zombie Prototype 2
Ship it.

A couple of weeks at this look (I know, we really should have shipped it as is) and we brought in our first artist Mat, who started on this wacky idea he had of making our awesome flat tiles into these boring 3d modeled people. Artists… I know right?

Zombie Prototype 3
And then there was art.

Well now we had these fancy 3d characters on my old amazing flat UI. We tried to talk Mat into going back to the flat tiles that we have all grown to love, but to no avail. So we started the first steps toward having the play take place in a city.

Zombie Prototype 4
Now THAT's a fine looking city!

And another with another new UI and slightly better background (Mat seriously would not drop the whole, “hey let’s make the game look good” angle)

Zombie Prototype 5
That cop car is a bit on the small side...

Then there was the day we first saw the coolest item ever. Like imagine this huge bomber flying over the board dropping fiery death behind it. Mat spent a whole day on it, and gave us pure magic!

Zombie Prototype 6

Our next screenshot came from a friend who begged us to, “Get rid of those horrible bases on the tiles!” This also shows off one of what I like to call “Jeremy covers the screen with information overload”.

Zombie Prototype 7
It almost looks like a real game!

Finally we show a shot from the current game. I took it yesterday morning before lunch. In case you were curious, I had a burrito.

Containment WIP 9_19_11
Getting closer...

So there you have it, a pictorial history of Containment from our amazing programmer art days, all the way to today.

In my opinion, it’s not really looking much different. The vignette is what really carries it. To think of all the time we’ve wasted on needless art… sigh.

Zombie Prototype 1 vignette
Now THIS looks good.


And on that note, dear reader, we take our leave.

Hugs n’ Kisses,

Bootsnake Games.



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