Screenshots! (Oh and words you will skip to see the screenshots faster)

We’ve been hard at work on Containment over this last week. Honest! We’ve even given up our 2pm daily nacho break, which has allowed us to make the game 32% more awesome. Now tell me that’s not dedication!

The biggest non-nacho gain being that we’re entirely moved over to Unity at this point! This allows us a lot of great things, most of which you don’t care about, but it does allow us to show things off using the Unity Web Player! We’ll be using this in future weeks to allow you to take a closer look at our characters, move through some of Franklin itself, as well as eventually having a fully playable demo online to try!

For now, we have 3 new screenshots for you!



  1. Like the graphical style so far. I must admit that when i saw the first screenshot, i thought it was just a character-show-off. However, it starts to look like the puzzles are grid-based like that? Looks like L4d meets bejeweld to me.

    One question though: Did you guys bake the ambient occlusion in the textures, or do you use the Unity AO postprocessing filter? You can often clearly see AO (where the street meets the sidewalk, etc) but sometimes i dont see any (around the car and the bags in screenshot 1).

    Surely looks intresting 🙂 keep it up!

  2. The AO is being baked out into the lightmaps using Unity’s lightmapping tool, we aren’t currently using any post-processing. Thanks!

  3. To answer the gameplay questions, L4D meets Bejewelled isn’t the worst comparison! It’s a grid based puzzle game using characters and environment to beat each level. We are not a match three however, which does change how your brain has to work quite a bit. We’ll be sharing more on gameplay in the future, so keep swinging by and you’ll find more info!

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