Meet the staff: Part 1

Well, we’ve been knee deep in the demo over the last 2 weeks, and will be submitting to Indiecade and the Pax10 really soon. Fingers crossed and all of that.

We’re actually close to a point where we can start showing bits of the game as well. Most likely after the demo submissions, so that’s rather exciting! Until then, I thought I’d share a quick bit about one of our employees.

Let’s start with the Sea Monkeys.

Sea Monkeys

Name: Sea Monkeys

Position: Office pet

Titles Shipped: None. (though their forefathers were around through the Supreme Commander development period)

Mobygames link: Yeah, not so much.

Favorite food: Sea Monkey Growth Food

We picked these guys up because Jables (the producer) really likes them. We’re not entirely sure why, but these are like the 8th ones he’s had. We’ve been taking pictures of them as they grow, and posting them on the Bootsnake Games facebook page. People seem to really like them. Honestly, I’d be willing to bet they are our most popular employee at this point (apologies┬áto art and engineering).

Okay, lunch is over and I should get back to the demo. I’ll quit typing random stuff about my Sea Monkeys. I’ll get you guys something about the game soon though. I promise! Just need to get this demo out the door!




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