Why We Logo

We want to start with a huge shout out to Steve Snoey. The previous logo was illustrated by him. It is an awesome piece of illustration. We can’t thank him enough for spending time to give it to us. Hit up his blog (http://stevesnoey.blogspot.com/) Thank you, Steve!

The Bootsnake Games logo took a long time to finalize. Take three people who all have a different idea, sprinkle in a healthy dose of sarcasm, add in a healthier dose of trial and error and you have “Le Process.”

We had a number of concepts for it over time and we iterated on the themes to figure out which one we wanted. Themes like “snake wrapped around boot”, “snake coming out of a boot”, “snake next to boot”, “snake under boot”, “boot inside snake”, “boot coming out of snake”, and on and on and on we went.

Eventually, we settled on the concept of a snake wrapped around a boot. Why for?


So with that bit of magical insight, there were dozens of variants of “snake wrapped around boot” created. What type of boot? What type of snake? Snakes mouth open or closed? How hateful is the snake? How sad is the boot? How many question marks can we get in a paragraph?

So we hope you like the new logo. We certainly do.

New Logo. Coming to a video game near you!

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