PAX 10 Humble Flash Bundle for you and your friends and their friends too.

It is PAX time again in Seattle!

We do not have a booth of any kind this year which feels weird after 5 straight PAX showings in Seattle and Boston. However, PAX is still being kind to us. We are thrilled to announce Containment is in a Humble Flash Bundle this weekend full of PAX 10 games!

This is a crazy awesome bundle full of previous and current PAX 10 selections. Head over and grab our game with other greats: Jamestown, Badland, Solar 2, Fez, Life goes on, and THREE games from the year Containment was in the PAX 10.

The 2012 PAX 10 is represented by Containment, The Swapper, and Cannon Brawl. All of the games in the bundle are great as are the developers. They are certainly some of our favorite people so go get this bundle!!

Click on this handy widget to head to the store.

Since we haven’t had to plan a booth and do all that this year, we have been plugging away on Deadrock Divide. I want to keep this blog about Containment so I’ll just direct you to this forum post if you want to read more about Deadrock. Click HERE!

Have a great PAX if you are going. If you see us walking around, stop and say ‘Hi’. If you are not in Seattle this weekend, have a great one wherever you are.

– high fives forever

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