Mining in the Divide

In Deadrock Divide, there are corporations, factions, and small timers all trying to make money by mining asteroids.

Asteroids are full of resources like ores and crystals. These are vital for space stations to continue making products as well as for exporting out of the Divide. There is a lot of money in the asteroids for all parties.

We want you to get some of that money. There are a number of ways to get money from the floating rocks in the region. Piracy is always an option. It has a lot of risks from taking money from the wrong people and getting bounties. Trade is a good safer option. Though you are paying for other people’s hard work in mining.


There are a few ways to mine yourself and skip paying for someone else’s work.

The first way is to have a mercenary mine a node in combat. If you are defending a mine, freeing a mine, or attacking a mine, there are places on the tactical maps that you can interact. This has some trade off in that it takes an entire round to mine and the nodes themselves can be destroyed by stray fire. But this is a great way to get some goods. We’ll have upgrades and all sorts of stuff to make you a better miner when you are on the map.

In fact, some mines are even in territory that setting up a big drill would be silly. So you will prefer to mine by sending down your team. These areas are full of people who want to take advantage of miners in the area. When you are down mining, there is a chance that enemies will show up and try to take the goods from you. The longer you are on the mine, the more chances of bad guys showing up. Its a risk you’ll have to measure to get some of the better resources in the Divide.

The last major way to mine is to setup automatic mining rigs on asteroids. This is the most efficient way to mine though not without some risks. You’ll have to buy a drill and transport it to the asteroid. And these drills are huge. They are 20 meters wide. They are so big, you have to sacrifice an entire room on your ship for the drill. So you fly your giant drill (which slows down your ship) out to a big asteroid and begin to mine.

The drill is automated and will store all manner of rocks for you to come pick up. So you fly over, pick up your haul and sell it. Super efficient! Until pirates attack your damn mine. Those heartless pirates will try to destroy the drill and take all your goods. So there is some protection you have to have.

There is more coming to how you will get to mine in Deadrock Divide. This is a brief glimpse at the ways you will be able to mine. Its a very important part of what is going on in the Divide. So we have a lot of ways of making it interesting and fun to make money, spend money, and dominate all those before you.


Here is a giant boring thing. Its crazy and awesome.


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