Deadrock Divide is heading to Boston!

We are excited to announce that Bootsnake Games will be returning to Boston to exhibit at PAX East. We are doing it in style, as well, as we are in the Indie MEGABOOTH again!

This will be our third PAX East and after the last two, we can’t wait to go. The east coast PAX is always so much fun for us. It’s fun to exhibit to a whole new crowd, it’s fun to see our friends we don’t see often, and it’s fun just to be in Boston. We look forward to seeing you all again! You may not know this but last year’s PAX East was the first time we showed Deadrock Divide to anyone outside of this office. It didn’t even have a name a year ago. We just called it Bootsnake Tactics! Things have changed a lot since then with the game and now is your chance to see it all first hand. Come by our booth 683 and play the game, talk to us, and enjoy the show.

For funzies, here is a screenshot from last year and a screenshot from the current game.

'Bootsnake Tactics' overworld in 2013
‘Bootsnake Tactics’ overworld at PAX East 2013


Deadrock Divide in 2014
Deadrock Divide overworld at PAX East 2014


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  1. Thanks for coming and showing Deadrock off! I had a great time with the game. Can’t wait to get my hands on it again.

  2. Thanks for swinging by the booth and playing. We should have some exciting information coming up soon. Stay tuned!

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