Deadrock Divide

Its got grids!

We have named our game. The name is “Deadrock Divide.”

We love it. You know you love it. You’re all like, “Bam! Best name for this game ever!”

So why Deadrock Divide? In our world, that’s where you go to work. Deadrock is a type of mineral being fought over and this area is far removed from other parts of the civilized galaxy. Boom, Deadrock Divide.

Another reason why? I can’t tell you exactly, but there is a deadline that rhymes with jacks. That deadline is theoretically around midnight tonight.

We have been working on a name forever and we really like the way it sounds. We spent days and days and days with names on a whiteboard. Erasing some, adding some, adding some again. We wanted the name to be so perfect. We were waiting for a name to jump off the wall, slap us, and scream, “Dude! I’m your name.”

But it didn’t happen. Deadrock was always there. Paired with other words over and over again. It appeared in every brainstorming session. It was something we always wanted, I suppose.

“Deadrock” alone wasn’t enough. Just a gut feeling. So we kept working on names. Added Star, Warp, Frontier, Drive, Space, Station, Outpost, Divide, and on and on trying to find that magical name.

Then Mat sent out an email with some name ideas. We had Divide in some names and we had Deadrock in some names. But by some magical twist of fate, this was the first time we had stuck Deadrock Divide together.

And it stuck to us. We liked it. We loved it. We kept it.

So now, we have a name. We have a first logo treatment. And we can officially talk about our game without just calling it Bootsnake Tactics Prototype and cringing.

Welcome to Deadrock Divide. Now back to work.

Its got grids!
Its got grids!

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