In the works: Deadrock Divide

Deadrock Divide is our current work in progress. For more information check out our blogs or sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date. (we don’t update if often so don’t worry about spam) Our original game, Containment: The Zombie Puzzler, is currently available. For more information, click here.

Combat Update!

We’ve got a big update on Deadrock Divide! Have some fun and get right in on the space blastin’ – Deadrock Demo! And don’t forget to let us know what you think! DEADROCK DIVIDE – THE SHRINKENING Bootsnake Games is proud to bring you a demo with WAAAAAAY less stuff in it than our last… Continue reading Combat Update!

PAX 10 Humble Flash Bundle for you and your friends and their friends too.

It is PAX time again in Seattle! We do not have a booth of any kind this year which feels weird after 5 straight PAX showings in Seattle and Boston. However, PAX is still being kind to us. We are thrilled to announce Containment is in a Humble Flash Bundle this weekend full of PAX 10 games! This is… Continue reading PAX 10 Humble Flash Bundle for you and your friends and their friends too.

Containment Indie Gala Bundle

Great news everyone! Containment is in this week’s indie gala bundle. Head over to the website here and get our first game along with a bunch of other great indie games. indiegala

Mining in the Divide

In Deadrock Divide, there are corporations, factions, and small timers all trying to make money by mining asteroids.Asteroids are full of resources like ores and crystals. These are vital for space stations to continue making products as well as for exporting out of the Divide. There is a lot of money in the asteroids for… Continue reading Mining in the Divide

Deadrock Divide

Its got grids!

We have named our game. The name is “Deadrock Divide.” We love it. You know you love it. You’re all like, “Bam! Best name for this game ever!”